The Eastern European country of Albania, pre-dominantly Muslim, is integrating quickly into modern society after decades of being "closed" to the outside world by atheistic communism. A new, first generation of Christians, who resemble "a modern day Book of Acts," face complex challenges. Chronic rural poverty, unemployment, human trafficking, lingering hostility from communist elders, and the recent threats of militant radicals, all reinforce the stated priority of Christian leadership training. Our partner here, a growing educational entity, focusing on "theology and leadership" is already producing Christian leaders who will influence the nation and region toward God. Their dream is to become Albania's first Christian university.

“Albania has a first generation of Christians who resemble a modern day Book of Acts.”

Current Focus

To continue to develop Christian leaders through semi-annual training seminars in Albania and the region.

To help our partner develop an accredited worship arts curriculum to produce worship leaders for churches and musicians to create Albanian Christian music.

Our Partner