Apredominantly Sunni Muslim nation, Egypt is a significant cultural, political and economic influence in the Middle East and North Africa. Since its creation as a republic in 1953, the country has been through a series of wars, military coups, treaties, increased religious militancy and global intrigue as its leaders compete to define Egypt's national identity and relationship with the rest of the Middle East. Christians (10% of the population) face hostility, persecution and even execution. Many are leaving but those who remain are strong in their faith and determined to influence their country towards God. Egypt's Christian leaders want contextualized leadership training focusing on the heart of the leader. EQUIP Leadership Canada is responding.

"The denomination leaders have brought in what they call the “second phase”--17-35 year olds—open to fresh thinking and more likely to transfer their learning to their own areas of influence.”
Simon Jarvis, One Church (ELC Partner)

“Though Christians in Egypt are a minority here, with God we are a majority.”

Current Focus

Translation of our curriculum into modern standard Arabic.
We have just completed the 2nd of 3 annual conferences just outside of Cairo. The final conference will be June 2019. Check out photos from our most recent training.

Our Partner

Simon Jarvis, Pastor One Church, England.