Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, is home to the over 1 million predominantly Muslim "A. people". This fiercely independent, nomadic group have their own language and claim to be descendants of Ham, Noah's son. This region is mostly desert and rugged mountains making pure water sources a constant need. Recent droughts have created famine and hardship for the "A people". In the late 1960's there were no known Afar Christians—today there are over 200. The leaders of the growing family of believers are requesting Christian leadership training as a priority for a strong foundation in Christ. The Ethiopian churches have also requested Christian leadership training for their congregations.

“The evangelical leaders in Ethiopia are requesting Christian leadership training. My mind immediately went to this program! God is already preparing the way.”

Current Focus

The translation of EQUIP Leadership Canada's "Authentic Leadership" into a local dialect as well as the Amharic language has been completed.
The planning of the second training session for the Christian leaders in the northern Ethiopian churches planned for early 2018.

Our Partner

Friendship Support Association
Founder and Executive Director: Guret Ahmed.