Guatemala has been rebuilding since their 36 years of civil war ended in 1996. Although the country has grown economically during that time, urban and rural poverty, crime, high levels of corruption and a flourishing drug trade have created significant challenges. Today, growing religious freedom has allowed Christian leadership to be on the cutting edge of rebuilding. EQUIP Leadership Canada partners with Hope Of Life, a dynamic Christian ministry whose vision is to "rescue the future generations of Guatemala and the world through the power of a practical gospel, transforming generations from dependency to independence to become strong leaders of the world and the Kingdom."

“Rescuing future generations of Guatemalans through the power of a practical gospel.”

Current Focus

To assist Hope Of Life achieve their worthwhile vision of rescuing the abandoned babies and children and developing them into Christian leaders through their comprehensive program.

To complete the soccer (football) complex called The Field of Dreams.

Our Partners

Hope Of Life: Guatemala.
Founders: Carlos & Cheryl Vargas.

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