Lebanon, surrounded by Syria, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea is a Middle East country in turmoil. The current, horrific civil war in Syria and the instability in the region has produced 700,000 refugees who have fled to Lebanon overwhelming the country's infrastructure. Once a stable economic power, Lebanon now struggles with high unemployment, massive debt and an uncertain future. The country's Christian population, a majority only two decades ago, is now a minority in the face of non-stop militant persecution and opposition. Many have emigrated but those who remain are faced with almost impossible need. The priority is the training of Christian leaders to encourage those who remain in Lebanon to create new strategies to meet short and long term needs.

“Lebanon is overwhelmed. We need Christian leadership training to produce a unified response.”

Current Focus

The identification of a partner through whom the training can be implemented.
The translation of the curriculum into Lebanese Arabic.

Our Partner

To be confirmed.

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