Sierra Leone, on the Atlantic Coast of northwest Africa is a predominantly Muslim country with a large Christian minority. This country is known for its significant natural resources—in particular, diamonds. Since gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1961, Sierra Leone has experienced brief attempts at democracy, military coups, a one party state and a brutal 20 year civil war in which over 50,000 people were killed. This nation has also endured corrupt outsiders and national leaders profiting from the vast diamond resources, a United Nations peacekeeping force and finally the return of the British who are assisting to rebuild the devastated infrastructure. Sierra Leone was particularly hard hit in 2014 by the West African ebola virus outbreak. The training of Christian leaders to help influence this nation for good is a priority.

“Christian leaders in Sierra Leone are like diamonds in the rough.”

Our Focus

The identification of a national partner through whom the training can be implemented.
Although English is the official language in Sierra Leone, the translation of the materials into Krio (the common language) is necessary.

Our Partner

To be determined.

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