EQUIP Leadership Canada‘s (ELC) Curriculum, Authentic Leadership-Living in Newness of Life, introduced in 2016, has been a refreshing change to the current trend of Leadership training. The Curriculum has been affirmed by ELC’s National and International partners and seen as innovative and unique.

There has been an identified need and a looming question among many ministries around the world,
“What are we missing in terms of Christian Leadership training?” The ELC curriculum has served as a welcomed response to this question in that this curriculum takes a ‘back to the basics’ approach focusing on the source of all effective Christian Leadership – the Leader’s identity in Christ. When the heart of the leader is centered in Christ, leadership as He (Christ) intends produces eternal results.

“Authentic Leadership—Living in Newness of Life is not a quick fix: it is life changing. It’s not about what to do and how to do it: it’s about our hearts as leaders. It’s not a one-time event: it’s a lifelong process.”

Wes Boldt


The interactive eight session curriculum is delivered in a minimum of 2 seminars to groups no larger than 12 participants. This small group focused approach allows for participants to better retain and assimilate the information through discussion and contemplation leading to life application.

“These seminars have been affirmed and received as an acclaimed response because it redefines leadership, affirms the Gospel as the foundation for Christian leadership, and builds Christian community globally as people of God.”

Paul Pascoal

Global Program Director, Equip Leadership Canada


Authentic Leadership – Living in Newness of Life

In the Greek language there are three words that are all translated “life” in the New Testament. They are, “Bios”, “Psuche” and “Zoe”. It is Zoe life that Christ came to give to us. It is the life of every believer.

Exploring what is offered to us in this “new life in Christ” and the resulting effect on our identity, human needs, motivational gifts, mind and emotions will profoundly transform how we lead and influence others.

Session One introduces ‘The Model’ for living an authentic life. ‘The Model’ graphically contrasts a Christian life focused on behaviour (Legalism) with a life based on a relationship with Christ (Grace).
Session Two further develops our understanding that the fundamental basis of the Christian Life of GRACE is our relationship with God. This relationship is life itself. The absence of this relationship is death. This relationship is what was lost in the fall: “On the day you eat of it you will surely die”. This relationship is what Jesus came to restore: “I have come that you might have life”.

God provides new life to us, not an improvement of our old life. We are in fact a new creation (species). One of the most remarkable components of our new life in Christ is a new identity.

God has now provided a new identity to each of us, and this new identity is clearly presented in scripture. It is not based on our life experiences but on God, what He has done for us and to us, and what He says about us. As such, our new identity is unchanging and unchangeable. This new identity, if believed, will change how we see and value ourselves, and therefore how we behave. It will also change how we see God and how we see others.


God provides for all human needs. In this session we provide information about God’s provision for our physical needs and soul needs.

Our primary focus is the “inner” needs of human beings—the heart needs, the soul needs, all ways of expressing the same thing.

Our soul needs can be summarized in a single word—love. Love provides for the very identifiable needs known by every human heart. These needs include belonging (relationship), acceptance (affirmation), significance (purpose), and safety (security).


Only after we understand our identity as Sons and Daughters can we comprehend the God-intended function of motivational gifts.

Described by the Apostle Paul in Romans 12:6-8, motivational gifts are divine endowments. They are inclinations or intuitive abilities that the Father has woven into the disposition of every person.

Each of us has a unique combination of gifts, though one of them tends to dominate and influence the way we see and respond to situations and establish priorities. If we walk with the heart identity of Sons and Daughters, our hearts will be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and our giftedness will be a practical extension of what the Father is working in us. We will influence and respond with the grace He gives, in the way He indicates we should. The focus will not be the gift, but the Father.


In this session, we examine the weapons Satan uses in his attack upon our hearts and minds: tempting, accusing and deceiving. We will focus on the weapon of deceit.

Spiritual warfare is the battle for the hearts and minds of men and women, waged by the enemy of our souls who has acted to destroy mankind in his hatred of God.

Jesus calls Satan the father of lies, and says the role of Satan is to steal, kill and destroy. Since Jesus came that we might have life, it is evident the enemy wishes to steal, kill and destroy life.

Spiritual agreements that result in strongholds are the consequence of men and women believing lies. These agreements get laid down in our lives, perhaps as children, and may remain unrecognized for our entire lives. They infect and distort our view of who God is, who we are, and how life works. This infection must be dealt with if we are to be free or transformed.

God gave us our physical senses to provide information from the ‘outside’ world to our minds. He gave us our emotions to provide feedback from our ‘inner’ world. Our emotions are given by God and they are all good, provided they are used for what He intended. Our emotions are invaluable in allowing us to gain an understanding of what is going on in our hearts and minds—what we truly believe.

This is important in our discovery of deceit. We may not be aware of the lies we believe, but our emotions let us know that something inside is not as it should be, allowing God to reveal our wounds, our agreements, and our strongholds. We can then repent and ask God to heal and restore our hearts and minds. We can believe the truth and find our freedom in Christ.

We will learn not to suppress our emotions, or ignore them, rather we will accept them as God’s gift to reveal what is hidden. We will trust God to show us what is going on in our hearts and minds, and to heal and restore us. This is exactly what Jesus said He came to do.


The title for this series of eight sessions is Authentic Leadership: Living in Newness of Life. Session Eight ties all of the previous sessions together, leading us to our only logical conclusion: that Jesus—and He alone—is our life. Jesus plus nothing is everything!

“In Albania, the International School of Theology and Leadership has made Authentic Leadership a mandatory first year class for all their students. One of the professors at the school told me that because Albania is a first generation Christian Church, the material we teach is becoming the foundational basis for the preaching and teaching in churches across the country. He says that whoever sets the foundation in a situation like this will have it go on for generations.”

Wes Boldt


“Isn’t it amazing the difference four years can make?! Naturally, I credit the Holy Trinity. As far as the human quotient thrusting my launching, points directly at you. It was then that I finally got beyond my suicidal inclination that had gripped me since childhood. You taught me about the deceiver’s and destroyer’s method of operation. The light bulb went on!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart that both of you and your materials played such a major transformative role in my journey”.

Authentic Leadership attendee in 2016

“The model in session one was revolutionary. I now have a grid to evaluate everything I read and hear to make sure it is the true grace message. I have now led 3 groups of women through the material and I now serve on the missions committee of my church. They have asked me to take them through the material so I am having a real impact on my community.”

USA attendee from 2018