EQUIP Leadership Canada (ELC) was established in 2002 based on this vision.

At its inception, ELC chose to participate in the John Maxwell “Million Leaders Mandate” initiative. Upon the completion of this initiative in 2015, the EQUIP Leadership Canada Board of Directors, in keeping with ELC’s founding vision, requested ELC staff to research and recommend new leadership material and an implementation strategy that aligned with the postmodern reality of global ministry–working together as the global family of God.

ELC staff recommended:

  • A new vision statement that would serve as the fundamental basis from which ELC would build on and move forward: “Encouraging Leadership as Jesus Intends”
  • “Authentic Leadership–Living in Newness of Life” as its new leadership material
  • An innovative invitation–based, partnership–driven implementation strategy–the delivery of seminars commences only at the invitation of a global Christian partner.

“Encouraging Leadership as Jesus Intends”

The Board of Directors approved the recommendations of the ELC Staff and from that time to today, ELC continues to use “Authentic Leadership – Living in Newness of Life” exclusively in all EQUIP Leadership seminars. Because of ELC’s global reach the curriculum has been translated into a number of languages and contextualized for the various partner regions.

Both the Authentic Leadership content and ELC’s strategic approach have been globally affirmed.

New invitations for Authentic Leadership Seminars are constantly being received, a direct result of the influence of previous seminar participants and the strength of working with global partners who have significant influence and impact.

One participant captured the essence of our vision when he said,

“This is so good, this is not a ministry; it is a movement of God”.

Authentic Leadership – Living in the Newness of Life