Mark Middleton

Mark Middleton – Executive Director (2012)

Mark’s cross cultural heritage and international influences, having been born to missionary parents and raised on the ‘mission field’ in Ethiopia East Africa, afforded him a unique perspective and opportunity to see and understand the need for a global approach to ministry.

His career spans local, national and international boundaries having served in a number of different capacities in Christian Leadership including: General Director, Emmanuel International; Founder and President, Global Talk; Executive Director, Canadian Centre for World Mission; and, Executive Director, Haggai Institute Canada. Mark’s career has been global in focus and strategy.

Gifted in relationship building, Mark has been a conduit bringing together a diverse network of global Christians to partner, learn and build community. As the Executive Director of EQUIP Leadership Canada, he has merged his experience with his strong, credible reputation to influence and guide the organization from inception through a staged-growth process. Mark believes the greatest challenge of this Christian generation is to work effectively together as the global family of God, both within and outside our national boundaries.

In his personal time, Mark loves being in God’s creation and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Paul Pascaol

Dr. Paul Pascoal – Global Program Director (2019)

Paul, a native of Portugal and now a Canadian citizen, is passionate about Christian leadership. He is responsible for responding to the invitations of international partners to share EQUIP Leadership Canada’s innovative leadership curriculum and strategy. His desire is to train and empower local Christian leaders to have increased local, regional and international influence and impact.

Paul is a global thinker and networker. His ministry has been shaped by his international experience and theological training in Europe (Portugal), Latin America (Brazil) and North America (Canada). Paul, and his wife Rute, have served in pastoral, teaching, and global advocacy ministries for more than 30 years in Portugal and Canada. As a pastor, educator and global missions advocate, Paul has been a mission agency co-founder, the past president of the Portuguese Theological Baptist Seminary, and former National Coordinator of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Portugal. Paul’s Christian leadership passion and extensive network of global connections keeps him in demand as an international speaker and helps introduce EQUIP Leadership Canada’s acclaimed Authentic Leadership Seminars to Christians around the world.

When Paul is not travelling the globe and teaching he enjoys walks by the lake, watching sporting events and reading books on theology.

Julia Wood

Ana Simões – Finance & Administration (2022)

Ana Paula (Ana) Simões, born and raised in Portugal, immigrated to Canada with her husband, Artur, in 1990. Her graduate degree in translation (verbal and written) and administration, with “an intense focus on English and French”–she is fluent in Portuguese, English, and conversational French–her significant administrative, finance, and communications career experience in both ministry and the professions, and her passion for God and a life of global significance and purpose makes her ideal for her ELC responsibilities. She is a consummate team player with a desire for excellence in all that she does. 

Outside of her work environment, Ana enjoys time with her family, reading historical novels and Jane Austen, and watching tennis and soccer. 


Julia Wood

Dan Rossi – Generational Program Manager (2022)

Dan is passionate about bringing the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ into Leadership.  He is energized by finding empowerment strategies for young adults setting out on their leadership journeys and experiencing how God will grow them into the people he wants them to become. Dan’s cultural experiences and diversity, through various experiences in leadership, have provided him the desire to prepare the next generation of leaders.

Dan is a relational leader who values connection and authenticity. His professional careers have included serving with the Canadian Armed Forces, he was the Founder and Executive Director for Five with DRIVE Foundation, a constable with the Calgary Police Service, and an International Missionary in Laos, helping women exit sexual exploitation.  Dan loves the idea that leadership can be servitude and believes that, as leaders, we are entrusted to both care for those we lead as much to foster their leadership growth and potential. 
When Dan is not on the clock, he loves spending time with his beautiful family, going on adventures or building a plethora of ideas that his twin boys dream up.  Dan enjoys playing sports, chess and reading historical fiction. 



Each Representative works in a volunteer capacity to represent, promote and act on behalf of EQUIP Leadership Canada. Each Representative has been approved by the Board of Directors and acts under the direction of the Executive Director. The Representatives are invaluable as they serve as ambassadors, reaching their sphere of influence, to introduce EQUIP Leadership Canada and its mission to many.

Al J. Donald

Al J. Donald (Winnipeg MB, Canada)

Al is the President of Heritage Insurance Agency and Board member (Treasurer) for Meadowood Manor Foundation, a faith based Seniors Independent Living complex based in Winnipeg, MB.

Al is a gifted networker and enjoys connecting resources to need. Al is one who lives with and in God’s gifts to help and serve others. He finds rest and relaxation playing golf and travelling.

Jim Thiessen

Jim Thiessen (Edmonton AB, Canada)

Jim holds post graduate degrees in education and curriculum development. He has been a teacher, professor, education policy analyst, an executive pastor and church director of development. Jim is the Board Chair of the International School of Theology and Leadership in Tirana, Albania. Life outside of work for Jim revolves around people and good food. He is said to enjoy going to meetings because he views them as social events.

Len and Betty-Ann Bushman

Len and Betty-Ann Bushman (Waldheim, SK, Canada)

Semi-retired, Len is a former small business owner involved in the agricultural sector. Betty-Ann works part-time as a care-aide.

Both have significant experience as volunteers in global leadership ministry and are well known across the province of Saskatchewan. They became interested in ELC after participating in an  Authentic Leadership seminar. Len enjoys family, friends, and fishing–not necessarily in that order. Betty-Ann enjoys time at their lake cabin, friends, family and especially her 17 grandchildren.



The EQUIP Leadership Canada Board of Directors bears the civil and moral responsibility for the governance of ELC’s policies, principles and practices. It is the final authority for the charity in the governance of its donated funds, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), to fulfill the charity’s mission.

EQUIP Leadership Canada Board of Directors is comprised of eight members:

Mark Voth, Chair: General Manager, Merom Farms and Greenhouse Delight Foods, BC
Sharlene Brooks, Vice-Chair: Retired, former Staff Sergeant, Delta Police Dept., Mission, BC
Donna Milligan: Retired, former Vice President and Managing Director, BMO Nesbitt Burns, ON
David Pauls: President, Sanibel Landscaping, Cochrane, AB                                                                                                                  Narry Santos: Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Intercultural Leadership, Tyndale University, ON                                 Lara Boghos: Manager, The Peoples Church House (transitioning refugees), Toronto, ON

The Board of Directors responsibilities include:

  • Adherence to the mission of the charity
  • The approval of the charity’s programs
  • The charity’s policies, principles and practices
  • The financial stability of the charity
  • Evaluating the charity’s performance
  • Participate in charity promotion
  • The hiring and/or dismissal and ongoing evaluation of the Executive Director

In order to meet the necessary CRA requirements and maintain continuity of ongoing efforts, the board meets a minimum of two times per year (in-person) and remains in contact via virtual and electronic means to address any matters that arise between formal meetings.

Each member of the board strives to serve the ELC organization with utmost integrity and humility in order to best carry out the responsibilities placed on them to meet the God given purpose and mission of EQUIP Leadership Canada.