During the week of June 7-10, 2021, the first year students of ISTL Albania, will receive Sessions 5-8 of “Authentic Leadership—Living in Newness of Life.”

The ISTL vision is to equip Christians leaders for ministry and starting new churches. Leadership is one of the four (4) main concentrations of ISTL. However, we are not interested just in teaching our students leadership principles and values. Our focus is to make them authentic Christian leaders by the renewing of their hearts and minds.

We found that “Authentic Leadership—Living in Newness of Life” was the best foundational leadership material to teach to every first-year student. It has become a required course in the first semester.

We made this material a required part of our curriculum because we believe that the heart and mind of every Christian leader must first be transformed by the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit.

EQUIP Leadership Canada and ISTL became partners since 2012 and, to this day, we have a wonderful partnership in God’s business. We are very thankful to Mark Middleton, Wes Boldt, and Paul Pascoal for traveling for such a long distance, 2 times a year to teach our students. During this COVID time we continue our classes Online. Wes and Paul are doing a great job interacting with our student body, located in different areas of the Balkan region, through our mentoring centers.

Eri Ndreca, ISTL Office, Tirana, Albania