Equip Leadership Canada has approved an urgent request presented by our partners, the Portuguese Baptist Convention, to create an Emergency Relief Fund Request related with the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis, with three main goals:

  • Expatriate to Portugal 150 Ukrainian Christian refugees to their relatives residing in Portugal, removing them from the conflict zone and guaranteeing their immediate safety;
  • Provide logistical support for rapid registration and integration in Portugal within the network of Ukrainian-Portuguese Churches, as well as granting access to emergency governmental programs provided by the Portuguese state;
  • To ensure initial financial support for integrating those Ukrainian refugees in Portugal.

Attached is the video of our partners, Rui Sabino and Yuriy Bodyanchuk, who are leading this initiative from Portugal.

If you would like to donate, please give through the ELC website:


Go to the donate page and mark donation for Ukrainian Refugee Crisis


Send cheque made out to EQUIP Leadership Canada addressed as follows:

PBC Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

EQUIP Leadership Canada

PO Box 25

Stouffville, ON

L4A 7Z4