When I remember the content and purpose of the course AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP – Living in Newness of Life, I find myself thinking about the words of our Lord Jesus Christ to the church in Ephesus, in Revelation 2:1-7. It is the first church mentioned and the Lord Jesus’ command is to go back to the “first love.” Through this course, Equip Leadership Canada provides a return to the essence of Christianity, which is the relationship with Christ. In the midst of so many things that we often find ourselves, as leaders, we end up “abandoning our first love,” getting lost in the idea that we need to do more to make things in our lives and in the church life go well. It was with immense satisfaction that in Cape Verde, we hosted this course that provided the “return to first love.” In a welcoming environment free from day-to-day distractions, the leaders were impacted by the simple but essential message of living in newness of life, resting in the RELATIONSHIP and in the GRACE of the Lord Jesus. This partnership between EQUIP Leadership Canada and the leadership of the Baptist Missionary Association, Cape Verde, has been a huge blessing.
Eudo Rodrigues, President, Baptist Missionary Association, Cape Verde.