After all, as the Apostle Paul said, “Some sow, others plant, and others water but it is God who gives the increase.”

Equip Leadership Canada (ELC) acknowledges and appreciates the work of labourers in God’s vineyard but believes that all glory belongs to God alone, the Vinedresser, as the growth and results are His. By receiving the Spirit’s influence, every child of God can manifest “Christian Influence” in an upside-down world. According to Isaiah 11:9-11 and Hebrews 2:14, Christian Influence involves proclaiming and demonstrating Kingdom values by making Christ the Lord of all spheres. Christian Influence, however, demands a clear understanding of the priesthood of all believers and Gospel-based leadership training.

ELC was fortunate to have Dr. Narry Santos, a prestigious Canadian-Filipino scholar, attend an Authentic Leadership seminar in Toronto in April 2019. Since then, Dr. Santos’ godly influence has led ELC to train Christian leaders by invitation only from the Filipino diaspora in Canada (Greenhills Christian Fellowship) and the Philippines. In 2020, ELC offered an Authentic Leadership (AL) seminar for Police Officers in charge of a discipleship ministry among the Filipino National Police (My Brother & Sister’s Keeper) and then with the largest federation of Evangelicals in the Philippines (Philipino Council of Evangelical Churches (representing 55.000 local churches) and their Emergent Leaders Network. More recently, ELC’s Global Director, Dr. Paul Pascoal, Dr. Narry Santos (ELC’s Board Member), and Dr. Samuel Sumoang, our first authorized AL facilitator in the Philipines, offered two more seminars to a selected group of School Principals, Teachers and Administrators, members of the Christian Educator’s Network (CEdNet), a PCEC association of Christians engaged in teaching children and youth in the whole nation. Dr. Narry Santos is now connecting ELC with other influential Filipino leaders in the Middle East. Through the power of Christian Influence, those who listen to His voice and respond in humbleness can make a difference in the world. Soli Deo Gloria!

Dr. Paul Pascoal, ELC Global Director