Connecting points and relationship building between ELC and Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA) is best explained by the words penned by Gershon Mwiti, the organization’s CEO. “In 2018, we wrote to (our friend) Marilyn Nasman in the USA, requesting her to introduce LIKA to a leadership organization specializing in Leadership Testing and Measurements. She responded quickly, sharing her joy of participating in one of your seminars. Her influence became the catalyst for your visit to Kenya.

It brought a new dimension to leadership… developing leadership from the concepts of relationship, identity, being (inner life), to the behaviour (outer life). The impact can be seen in the comments, “Please come again”. “Come and run this seminar in my church.” “I wish my church leadership could hear this” indicating the teachings were received, accepted, internalized and adopted for application. After going through the first module of Authentic Leadership, my conclusion is, it should be shared globally and generously. Bible based leadership is scarce, hence, low Christian influence in society.”

Gershon K. Mwiti, CEO, Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA)
Gladys Mwiti, PHD, Consulting Clinical Psychologist
Founder and CEO, Oasis Africa Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma